The Moore's Memorial Church(MM) family is a ministry that is traveling to a new dimension everyday. We are praying and seeking God constantly to lead and guide us on how to win more souls for Christ. It is our desire to help those that are less fortunate than others. 
In our efforts to win the lost , not  only do we have our regular worship services, but also have outdoor 
services where we take the instruments, 
microphones, chairs, and sing God's praises, give 
personal testimonies and preach the Word of God all on the church grounds.
Every year, we feed and clothe the Klondike community 
and if we find out about special needs of individuals and we can help, we do all we can to do just that. So that we can expand our ministry to help not only the Klondike community, but the City of Memphis ,  We have purchased a home that is in need of remodeling. We want this to be a place where people can receive their GED, tutoring, food and clothing and other necessities of life. With the help of God, we are doing all we can to be vessels  used by God. So if God places on your heart the need to help this ministry and/or sow a seed, of $20, $50
 please click the donate button to the right. 
 Planting a seed in our ministry is planting a seed in fertile ground, so prepare  to reap the harvest.  We will continue to pray God's blessings on all who visit the site and help us in our endeavors.